Jasmine Allisson, better known as Aneh the Goddess is a dreamy artist that writes(blogs, poetry, books), photographs, music produce, models and creates infinite expressions to evoke a feeling. A feeling whether it be of love, romance, relativity, passion, inspiration, sadness or sparks a fashion she is the epitome of a story-teller.                                                                Most of her creations are derived from a dream state. Which is where she got one of her IG names from @Aneh.dreamstate.

Although she has been into art her entire life it wasn’t until she dropped out of college, where she studied psychology, she then realized she only wanted to do what she loved and on her own terms. Since 2016, she has given her life to her expressions. Where she became a fulltime creator, believing in her capabilities.

Aneh is also a demisexual, genderfluid queer who is always challenging herself by reprogramming outdated beliefs and staying fluid in global evolution to promote change and doing things that feel good. She aspires to travel more long distances across the world to feel and gather inspiration to create even greater creative content.

One of Aneh’s favorite quotes she lives by is, “I’m only here to make you feel”.